We are rooting for Tye

Our Pet of the Month this month is Tye Moxon. Tye was being treated by us here at Molecare for ongoing vomiting, diarrhoea and weight loss that he would seem to recover from before deteriorating again. After many tests, we decided it was best for Tye to visit the specialist at Langford Veterinary Services at Bristol to investigate his condition. Tye underwent a number of scans and investigations though unfortunately, they couldn’t identify what could be causing such severe symptoms and damage to his gut. Tye then had to undergo surgery to see if anything abnormal could be detected. A small mass was located on Tye’s stomach, which was subsequently biopsied and examined. The mass revealed that Tye is suffering from an incredibly rare form of cancer, with only 5 reported cases in dogs.

Tye is now in a stable condition, he’s on a combination of medications and has made a fantastic turn around, finally being able to come home. After barely keeping food down, Tye is now wolfing down meals and is slowly putting weight back on. returning to the dog he used to be. Unfortunately, due to the rare nature of his cancer, there is little information on what his prognosis will be, but we are keeping everything crossed and will continue to treat Tye as best as we can to ensure he gets the best chance he deserved. We are all rooting for him!

Tye’s owners are desperately trying to raise money to help fund research based at Langford for Tye’s condition and for ongoing treatments to keep him on the right track. Tye’s family have set up a special page for donations to Tye and his condition and here at Molecare, we thought we could spread the word.


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