Angus came in to visit our vet Alexia late on a Friday evening. His owner was concerned that she had seen him ingest a sewing needle!

Angus bounced into the practice and was most pleased to see us whilst also being totally normal on examination. However, due to the serious nature of Mum’s concern, we recommended an x-ray of his oesophagus and stomach in case it was there! Low and behold, our radiograph confirmed his owner’s suspicions – a needle in his stomach, ouch!

Alexia discussed the options available to Angus. Sometimes, a needle can pass through the gastrointestinal tract without consequence. However, there is a risk that the needle could perforate the stomach wall leading to peritonitis (a life threatening infection of the abdominal lining).

His owner decided to proceed with surgical removal that evening. Alexia and Amy (one of our Registered Vet Nurses) stayed late into the evening to perform a gastrotomy (a surgical procedure to open the stomach) in order to facilitate its extraction.

Thankfully, the surgery went smoothly. Angus made a great recovery and a speedy one too! He recently came back in to the surgery for his second vaccination; he was back to his normal self and his wound had healed SEAMlessly!

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