Well,  so far (touch wood), we have been incredibly lucky with this year’s summer weather.

Many furry creatures have been visiting us in the practice, in particular poor old Woody, he might just have been our unluckiest client. Fortunately, he has made a sound recovery and you can hear all about Woody’s unfortunate events in our Summer newsletter.

We also have informative information for you for ‘when tiddles can’t piddle’, an article that explains feline lower urinary tract disease including; the signs, causes, diagnosis and prevention.

Elsewhere in the newsletter we have an article on dental disease in rabbits; how to spot it, more importantly – how to avoid it, the causes and the treatments available.

There is also a piece on grass seeds, a hidden danger for dogs who love a good run in fields.

And, finally a reminder of our June offer.

You can read our Summer Newsletter here!

Happy reading!


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