Rip the Pet Superstar

Late last year, Rip had been rather poorly. After being sick a few times, and drinking and urinating a lot at home, he had a blood test. The outcome was very high blood glucose, indicating diabetes!

Rip’s owner learnt how to inject insulin under his skin and started his medication. To make sure that Rip’s blood glucose was being controlled correctly, he had to come in for several glucose curves over the coming weeks. During these visits, he stayed with us for the day and had a small pinprick of blood taken every two hours to measure how his glucose levels changed after his insulin injection.

After little alterations to his medication to make it right for Rip, and trips back and forth to Molecare, his blood glucose finally started to behave. He is now doing well at home thanks to the dedication of his owner.

Rip was incredibly brave with all his visits. He started off a little nervous but his confidence improved each time, and he was always a gentleman; a true Pet Superstar!

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