Well, if you can believe it, we are hurtling towards Christmas at full speed. The Christmas trees are going up and the treats are coming out but please remember to be aware of the dangers to your pet. We have seen and cared for so many lovely pets over the past three months and when we return a pet to tip top condition it reminds us why we love our jobs so much.

And, now have a read of our Winter Newsletter, we have lots of information for you to catch up.

The topics include:

  • Jet-setting pets? The consequences Brexit may have.
  • Christmas toxins. Chocolate, grapes and raisins are no-gos!
  • Pyo-what? A risk of not spaying your bitch.
  • Pet superstar. A story about Daisy and her favourite toy.
  • Staff news. Movers and shakers.

You can read the newsletter here.


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