UPDATE – Due to the severe weather conditions we are continuing to operate an Emergency Only service until the driving conditions improve! One of our nurses will be available on the telephone for any advice calls between now and 12 midday, so please call the normal number on 01626 835002 to reach her. Should an emergency arise then please call our practice number, 01626 835002, so that she can arrange for you to see the on call vet at Dart Vale Vets, Totnes, who has kindly agreed to see any emergencies during this period as unfortunately our vets remain snowed in. Our normal out of hours service will take over completely at midday today and unless we deliver further notice, the practice will remain closed, with the exception of emergencies, until Monday morning.

We are sorry for any inconvenience but safety is of utmost importance. Please be careful in this cold weather, what a difficult position many have found themselves in! Thank you for your understanding.

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