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New Pet Healthcare Plans

At Molecare, we believe in a proactive and preventative approach to your pet’s healthcare. This is why we have designed our Pet Healthcare Plans to ensure your pet remains in tip-top condition for a healthy, happy life. Our Healthcare Plan enables you to spread the annual cost of your pet’s routine healthcare. As part of […]

Willow the Whippet

Willow recently came to Molecare Pet Vets after eating a substance that many owners are not aware is a danger…chewing gum! Some brands of chewing gum, especially sugar free varieties, contain a substance called xylitol which can be very poisonous to dogs, even in small quantities. Xylitol can cause extremely low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia), seizures, […]


Congratulations to our Pet of the Month, Alfie! Alfie took a tumble several weeks ago and slipped a disc in his back. He was initially in a lot of pain and couldn’t walk properly on his back legs. Thankfully, he is now on the road to a complete recovery having had several physiotherapy sessions with […]