Mobility Clinics for the older pet

As our pets get older, some may have difficulty getting around. Your pets may be showing reluctance to exercise or have been acting a little stiff and, more often than not, owners simply put this down to old age. In reality, they may be suffering from some discomfort or pain and that’s where we can help, by assessing the pain of your pet and providing advice on medication and treatment.

During September and October, we are offering mobility checks at a discounted price. A mobility check includes a full visual and audible examination of all the basic body systems with specific attention paid to the orthopaedic and soft tissue exam for mobility and age related disorders.

We are offering all this for only £20 (usually £27.50). We are also able to offer 10% off products recommended during your clinic session.

Phone 01626 835002 or speak to Reception to book an appointment today.

Offer available for dogs aged over 8 and cats over 10.

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