Our nurses are super excited to be able to offer brand new nurse clinics starting from the 1st September 2017. It is important that we love and care for our pets and that’s why we are here to help. From dental checks to advice clinics to weight management we have it all covered.

Check out our new variety of clinics below.

What happens when it is time to say goodbye

Saying goodbye to our beloved pets can be one of the hardest things we have do. At Molecare, our nurses offer advice clinics to help prepare you for this difficult time. The clinic gives you an opportunity to have an open and honest conversation with us about the procedure and any concerns or worries that you may have prior to the day of the appointment.

This gives you the opportunity to discuss a variety of topics including:

  • Where you would like the euthanasia to take place
  • Who you would like to be present during the process
  • What will happen during the appointment; the euthanasia process and what to expect
  • The options available for cremation and home burial
  • Bereavement support

Weight management

Obesity in pets is now the most common nutritional disorder in the UK. At least 59% of all dogs and 39% of cats being classed as overweight or obese. Obesity increases the incidence of other diseases such as osteoarthritis, cardio-respiratory disease and diabetes-mellitus to name but a few. For this reason, we are passionate about helping owners to manage the weight of their pets. We offer nurse led clinics to help you manage your pets weight loss and prevent weight gain. We can also offer advice for maintaining a healthy weight in puppies and kittens to help prevent obesity occurring in later life. Don’t worry we are all pet owners so we understand how hard it can be to help your pet loose weight – our main goal is to help your pet to live a longer and healthier life!

Therapeutic grooming

Managing your pets grooming requirements can sometimes be tricky, especially with those that have long coats that may get matted or tangled. Our nursing team are here to help and provide grooming clinics that can assist in keeping on top of our hairy friends. Whether you simply need another pair of hands to help hold your pet whilst it is brushed or you would like advice on the various types of brushes and equipment available, please just ask. We have many regulars that come in for little and often grooming sessions which can help to avoid a stressful trip to the groomers. It should be noted that although we are professionally trained nurses, we are not professionally trained groomers, so our aim is to provide practical grooming help and advice rather than the latest trendy clip!

I am thinking of buying a pet…

Getting a new pet can be a very big decision and you may have lots of questions at this exciting time. We offer clinics to help with the decision-making process, we can give advice regarding:

  • breed suitability
  • how to introduce a new pet into the family
  • husbandry advice
  • the expected initial costs and ongoing costs that a dog or cat can incur
  • the recommended vaccine, flea and worm protocols

Dental checks

Periodontal disease affects over 87% of dogs and 70% of cats above the age of 3 years. Most of our beloved pets will encounter dental problems at some point in their life. It is our job, as owners, to help keep our pet’s oral health up to scratch. Our dental clinics give you the opportunity to bring your pet in for a dental assessment with the nurse; we will be able to evaluate the level of plaque and gingivitis and give you recommendations for any treatment necessary. We may advise that your pet needs to come into the surgery for the day and have a general anaesthetic for a scale and polish and extractions. The nurse will be able to prepare an estimate of the expected cost of this procedure during the appointment. We can also show you home management techniques such as tooth brushing or gel application. We can talk through the products that are available if you are not keen on having their teeth looked at!

If you would like to book in for a nurse clinic or have a chat about the options available, please phone 01626 835002.

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