We are a Chicken Friendly Practice

At Molecare Pet Vets we are proud to hold our ‘Chicken Friendly Practice’ status through being an Associated Practice of The Chicken Vet.

The Chicken Vet is a company that was created by an experienced team of vets that have a special interest in poultry medicine, backed by a support team who understand chickens.

They provide carefully selected products and veterinary advice for the backyard enthusiast, fancy fowl and small flock keeper.

For veterinary practices they run poultry specific training courses, and their aim is to better improve the care of chickens amongst small animal practices, whom otherwise may have limited experience in the treatment of poultry.

Through obtaining our ‘Chicken Friendly Practice‘ status, what means is that at least one member of our team has attended and completed a Chicken Vet training day with dedicated poultry vets, and is therefore up to date with the latest small flock/ backyard chicken veterinary care. We are also able to refer to The Chicken Vet for any further assistance when treating a poultry patient who may have specific or more complex veterinary needs.

For more information on The Chicken Vet, you can visit their website here: https://www.chickenvet.co.uk/