We have been super busy here at Molecare looking after all the poorly pets that have been coming in to see us. We’ve also been working on a brand new newsletter, so that we can keep our customers up-to-date with all that goes on at Molecare, aswell as current veterinary issues, special offers, common diseases/conditions, our latest pet superstar, exotic animals and ways you can protect your pets.

In our newsletter, you will find:

  • Viral haemorrhagic disease and the risk to rabbits
  • Vaccination Amnesty until the end of April
  • Environmental Atopy in dogs
  • Staff news
  • Willow the Whippet – our pet superstar
  • Protecting your pet from spring dangers
  • Half-price screen checks throughout May and June

You can read the newsletter here:

PV news

We will be releasing four newsletters a year, and if there’s anything in particular you would like us to cover drop an email to

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