Download our fantastic puppy care plan.


Download our factsheet on neutering female dogs.

Caesarian Sections in Dogs

Download our useful Caesarian Sections in Dogs factsheet.
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Cytology and Fine Needle aspirates

Find out more about lumps and bumps on your pet.

Travelling with your Pet Abroad

Important information on disease risks and considerations for travelling abroad with your pet. Including information on the required paperwork post-Brexit for travel into Europe.

Canine Allergic Dermatitis

Symptoms, treatment and management of the condition.
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Dental X-Rays

A new service we provide
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Worm and flea treatments

Information on the different treatments available

Tail Docking

A useful guide to tail docking

Caring for the Diabetic Dog

How to look after your dog with diabetes

Cushing’s Disease In Dogs

Learn more about Cushing's disease

Pregnancy in the bitch

What to think about when preparing your bitch for birth