Molecare Pet Vets is still open but we will be providing urgent and emergency care only. Please see the notice below for full details.

In a rapidly changing world, the Molecare Team have adapted to safeguard the health of our staff and our clients whilst still providing the best service we can. It is our duty to consider Public Health as a priority in our decision making process at this time.

The government has requested all Small Animal vets to switch to provide emergency/critical care work only. All visits must be by appointment only as the practice door will now be closed. The team on duty will triage the calls to ensure they are allocated suitably into the following three categories; Emergency appointment to be seen straight away, urgent appointment to be physically examined at our earliest opportunity or a telephone/video consultation also to be booked in at our earliest opportunity. Waiting times will be subject to demand and we will constantly assess the situation to ensure adequate emergency provisions are available for our patients. We ask for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

Please try to limit unnecessary calls to our team on duty and be patient with the speed of their response. The team is reduced to two smaller teams on rotation at present and so they will inevitably be stretched to look after you all at the same pace as we were once able to.

If you are concerned about your pet or wish to order necessary medications, please call during our normal opening hours of 8am – 7pm Monday to Friday, 8.30pm – 5.30pm Saturday and 10am – 1pm on Sunday. Outside of this time we will be using our emergency provider as usual. Exonia Veterinary Emergency Service (EVEs) is located next to St Davids Station in Exeter, their number is 01392 284217 and their website is

  1. We must ask all clients that are self-isolating not to visit the practice. This includes those with symptoms of a fever, cough or shortness of breath or those having been in contact with others displaying these symptoms. If your pet is unwell during this time we will need to perform a consultation over the phone where possible and/or a friend or family member will need to bring your pet in.
  2. The practice will only be open for urgent clinical care. If your pet is unwell please call us to discuss the options. If you are booked for an appointment to be held at the practice we ask of you the following:
    1. Wait outside or in your car (phone to alert us of arrival).
    2. One person is to attend the consultation only.
    3. Where possible the consultation will be performed outside in the car park to provide distance and ventilation.
    4. Leave 2 metres distance between yourself and any others.
    5. If you cough/sneeze please do so into your elbow/carry a tissue.
    6. PLEASE NOTE: If it is not possible to perform the consultation outside where it is well ventilated, the vet and nurse on duty will take a patient history over the telephone prior the appointment and then the pet will be examined inside the practice whilst you wait outside. Following this we will communicate all options to you and provide the necessary treatments following your informed consent.
  3. Please pay on card wherever possible to limit the transfer of cash.
  4. Card details will be given over the phone to the nurse on site.
  5. We are now offering telephone or video consultations by appointment. Please call to book. As our professional clinical team remain working we must continue to charge for these at our normal consultation fee with payment taken over the phone.
  6. Repeat long term medicines must be requested by telephone. The team will call once the treatment has been authorised by a veterinary surgeon in order to take payment at the time and prior to posting to you. We must ask you for as much notice as possible due to a reduction in staff, the reduced delivery frequency and the time it will take to receive in transit in the post. We ask for a new protocol of 7 days notice for all repeat medications. The postal service will be chargeable.
  7. We are not able to post controlled drugs (for example Gabapentin, Tramadol, Epiphen etc) – these will need to be collected in person during the hours of 9am -12pm each day with the exception of a Sunday when this will be between 10am – 1pm.
  8. If collecting medicines from the practice it is not necessary to enter the building, we will ask you to wait outside the reception window where the treatment will be given to you.


  • We will finish the course of vaccinations for juvenile patients that we have already started vaccinations for.
  • We will not be starting any primary vaccination courses but will instead advise that you reduce the level of risk to your pet via home management. We are happy to arrange video or telephone consultation with one of our vets or nurses to discuss this.
  • All routine dog and cat boosters can be delayed by 3-6 months from their annual date – we are happy to arrange a telephone call with a clinical member of the team to discuss this if you have any concerns.
  • We will not be performing the Kennel Cough vaccines until further notice as this should not be an urgent requirement when our pets are not currently socialising.


Only in exceptional cases will neutering be classed as urgent and this decision will be made by the vet on duty. We are happy to provide a telephone consultation to discuss this.

Thank you very much for your understanding in these unusual circumstances. We do look forward to a day where we can return to our full service again.

Above all, please remember that we are available for advice and reassurance by telephone consultation. Do not feel alone and unsupported. We will do our best to keep your pet as comfortable as possible until a time that we are allowed to perform our normal duties.

Yours faithfully,

Your Dedicated Team at Molecare