May 2016…

This week I was sent on a secret mission! I don’t usually get any post, but when the letter arrived addressed to ‘Bree-Secret Mission,’ I knew that it must be very important.
I was tasked to do a secret security search for a special event that my human was staging with her man human. First, I had to leave the clinic without the human noticing. On arriving at work, she gave me a quick cuddle and then put me and Chip into the cage before heading inside. I had precisely 1 hour to complete my mission before she checked us again. As Head of Security, I’m qualified at picking locks, so it wasn’t long before I was out of the cage and on my way. I felt like Tom Cruise!
I arrived at the location and did a perimeter sniff and search before heading into the marquee. I’ve never seen so many hearts, champagne glasses or sparkly things. It was set up with a top table and lots of white table cloths. Anyway, I set to work taking care not to spill any champagne. Time was up and I had to head back to the clinic. It was touch and go whether I’d make it back in time. As I rounded the corner to the clinic, the human was just about to come outside to check us. I had a moment of panic but then the little lad Chip exceeded all expectations. He knew that I mustn’t be seen so in an instant he put on his ‘cute’ face and wagged his tail so fast that the human was distracted. I knew that I had to make a run for it as Chip couldn’t hold her off for too long. Then out of the blue, he charged at the human and made a flying leap into her arms. I was safe. That was close!

April 2016…

Things are improving a little with the young lad, Chip. I’m still not convinced that he is security guard material like myself though!

The human seems to be able to control him with treats and he’ll happily sit down and stand to attention for one. However, when the human and treats are out of the room, he is a naughty little thing, charging all over the place, jumping up at me and barking. As soon as the human is back in the room with treats he is well behaved.

I think that he’s just making a mockery of me!

March 2016…


This month started off well as the Boss decided to give me a promotion! I was to start training the new recruit. I turned up for work the next day in eager anticipation, only to find a young lad called Chip waiting for me. Now, he didn’t look like security guard material to me. He was very young, very small and very bouncy. Still, I had to work with what I was given, so set to the task in hand. What a disaster! The lad couldn’t even stand to attention let alone sit still. His concentration span was non-existent. I have a hard job on my hands.

February 2016 …

All animals have been well behaved this month, even the Staffordshire Bull Terrier that Mavis tried to taunt last week. There have been no security breaches though the injured seagull that visited the clinic did contemplate an escape.

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