Billy the Superstar

It’s September 2016, and we would like to award Pet of the Month to Billy for being a superstar patient, he has stolen all of our hearts here at Molecare.

Billy was admitted last Thursday and diagnosed with having a pyothorax (a chest full of pus like fluid). His lung capacity had been hugely reduced due to the pressure from the fluid, limiting his breathing. Billy needed emergency care.

Our team drained Billy’s chest of nearly 200mls of fluid and under anaesthetic placed a permanent drain. Each day, he had his chest flushed and drained, morning and evening, to remove any further infection, and was given daily medication. Throughout all of his treatment Billy was a delight and never once became cross with us, instead constantly rolling over to have his tummy tickled and head butting for cuddles.

We really couldn’t have asked for a better or more tolerant patient!

Billy is making a fab recovery and has been able to go home after nearly a week’s stay at Molecare. We will be keeping a close eye on Billy in the weeks to come to ensure he continues to progress. He will be very much missed at the practice, but we know that his loving family (who visited every day!) will be giving him all the TLC he deserves!

Here are some photos of Billy having cuddles and a snack after his chest flush on Sunday evening…

image4 image3 image2 image1

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