As vets, we are aware that many pets and their owners are struggling with ongoing behavioural and training issues. However large or small the problem may be, it can impact both their physical and mental wellbeing but also affect the relationship with our pets.

Molecare Pet Vets and Andrew Hale from Train Positive are passionate about using modern, gentle and force free methods to help our canine chums live a happy balanced life. As a result we are offering behavioural clinics with Andrew Hale, in order to offer help and advice for all dog behavioural issues.

Andrew Hale is the owner, principal trainer and behaviourist at Train Positive, and is an ISCP approved behaviourist. Andrew provides behavioural support to the RSPCA and is approved to attend events held by the Blue Cross and is the only local trainer used by them.

Andrew says: ‘I have been involved in training and helping dogs with behavioural issues for over eight years. I believe in continuous academic study and I keep up-to-date on the latest research and news from the animal behaviour research community. I pride myself on developing close and supportive relationships with my clients. My number one priority is always the handrew haleealth and well-being of the dog. I totally subscribe to the notion of ‘first do no harm’.

As well as a Bsc (Hons), he also holds various diplomas/advanced diplomas in animal and canine behaviour. He has attended many workshops by the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and attended seminars given by the world’s leading behaviour experts. Andrew is continuing to keep his studies up-to-date and is currently studying the diploma in canine behaviour provided by the highly respected and world renowned International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour (ISCP).

Andrew is the proud owner of three wonderful dogs – two of which came to him with behavioural problems so he knows what it is like to live with and train dogs with difficult issues.

Behavioural consultations will be held between 12-2pm one Saturday in every 4 weeks.

The cost of an appointment is £40.

Appointments need to be booked in advance, if you would like to book an appointment please phone 01626 835002. If you want an effective, modern, humane and fun way to help your dog then get in touch!

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