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is your cat vaccinated?

There are an estimated 10.5 million cats in the UK with 24% of the population owning a cat.  26% of cats have never been vaccinated, that’s 2.7 million un-vaccinated cats and 38% are thought not to be up to date with their boosters! Is your cat up to date with its vaccinations? Check out the […]

Bree! I need your help!

Jolly marvelous sunshine chaps! I’m sure you will be eager to know that I have been hard at work warming the decking and benches with my furry underparts whilst lapping up the UV in order to groom my bikini body in time for my girly getaway. Things are rumbling on at the practice. Actually, I […]

raw food diets

Suzie Blunt MRCVS discusses the risks and benefits of raw food diets. Raw food diets have become an increasingly popular talking point in the consult room, with many pet owners moving over or wanting to try them out. There are strong opinions both for or against these types of diets so we thought it might be […]

shopping trip!

All you girls out there know how hard it is to find clothes that fit and when you find some that fit they don’t have them in the right colour! Luckily for me, my favourite human, Adrianne, took me out clothes shopping this week for a new collar. Adrianne is a bit of a fashionista. […]

bree’s security report

May 2016… This week I was sent on a secret mission! I don’t usually get any post, but when the letter arrived addressed to ‘Bree-Secret Mission,’ I knew that it must be very important. I was tasked to do a secret security search for a special event that my human was staging with her man […]

gundog health

Working dogs and the secret to success: right breeding, right training and right health regime. Breeding The health of any dog is reliant on good breeding. Understanding the breed helps to select the right dog. Moreover, get the parentage right and most dogs will go on to live long and fulfilling lives. Knowing the parentage […]

The time for ticks!

A tick is a transient blood feeding parasite requiring a host animal to complete its life cycle. A hungry tick will position itself on some vegetation in order to attach to a passer-by. It will spend long enough on the host to consume enough blood to grow or produce eggs before hopping off to lay […]


Congratulations to our Pet of the Month, Alfie! Alfie took a tumble several weeks ago and slipped a disc in his back. He was initially in a lot of pain and couldn’t walk properly on his back legs. Thankfully, he is now on the road to a complete recovery having had several physiotherapy sessions with […]

recommend a friend

Recommend us to a friend and we’ll give you both £5 off when you spend £10 or more. Terms and conditions apply. For further infomation please see terms and conditions included on the downloadable voucher. To partake in this offer please follow the link below to download the voucher. Download the forms here.

Nurse Clinics

The nurses at Molecare are able to provide a wealth of valuable advice. Not only do they offer routine clinics such as nail clipping and microchipping but they have a carefully selected repertoire of other useful sessions to support you and your pet. The clinics vary in length and description. Below is a list of […]

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is becoming more commonly used to treat a range of disorders in humans and animals. Stem cells are ‘blank’ cells that have the ability to divide into many tissues within the body which allows us to use them in treating a range of diseases such as joint injuries, ligament and tendon damage, […]