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Physiotherapy with Catherine

Catherine qualified as a Veterinary Physiotherapist from the Royal Veterinary College in 2012 and shortly after established Rivendale Physiotherapy. Over the last 5 years the business has grown considerably from being a mobile service to providing clinics at Molecare. In her spare time she enjoys riding as well as competing her horses and walking the […]

Is your older cat or dog suffering with joint pain?

Mobility Clinics for the older pet As our pets get older, some may have difficulty getting around. Your pets may be showing reluctance to exercise or have been acting a little stiff and, more often than not, owners simply put this down to old age. In reality, they may be suffering from some discomfort or […]

Nurse clinics arriving 1st September!

Our nurses are super excited to be able to offer brand new nurse clinics starting from the 1st September 2017. It is important that we love and care for our pets and that’s why we are here to help. From dental checks to advice clinics to weight management we have it all covered. Check out […]

And the beat goes on… Heart disease in cats and dogs

Heart disease is becoming increasingly common in our pets. Around 16% of cats and 10% of dogs have a heart murmur, with these figures increasing substantially as your pet becomes senior. How does the heart work? The heart consists of four muscular chambers which pump blood when stimulated by electrical impulses. The right side of […]


Rip the Pet Superstar

Rip the Pet Superstar Late last year, Rip had been rather poorly. After being sick a few times, and drinking and urinating a lot at home, he had a blood test. The outcome was very high blood glucose, indicating diabetes! Rip’s owner learnt how to inject insulin under his skin and started his medication. To make sure […]


Check out our Summer 17 Newsletter now!

Time flies when it’s sunny outside! Our second edition of our Pet Vets Newsletter is here and well worth a read. In this season’s edition, you will find: And the beat goes on… Heart disease in cats and dogs Flystrike in rabbits Protecting your pet summer special Palm oil update Pet superstar Staff news And […]

Is your pet’s heart healthy?

Like humans, cats and dogs can suffer from heart disease. That’s why we’re offering half-price echocardiography at £33 during July and August. If your pet ticks any of the points below, they may benefit from an ultrasound: Has a heart murmur At risk breed (eg. Dobermann, Great Dane, Boxer, Maine Coone, Ragdoll) Hyperthyroid cat On heart […]

What is environmental atopy?

Environmental atopy is a hereditary condition in dogs caused by an abnormal immune response to environmental allergens, as well as a weak or damaged skin surface barrier. Contact with the allergens, which are often normal environmental proteins such as pollens or dust mites, causes an excessive production of antibodies in affected dogs, which then cause […]

Your rabbit needs you – suspect cases of Myxomatosis identified

It is important to vaccinate your rabbit against Myxomatosis and Rabbit (Viral) Haemorrhagic Disease. Many rabbits remain unvaccinated and therefore vulnerable to disease that can not only cause great suffering but can also be fatal. ‘Myxy’ and RHD are both found in the UK and indoor and outdoor rabbits are at risk. MYXOMATOSIS: Cause: A virus. […]

Willow the Whippet

Willow recently came to Molecare Pet Vets after eating a substance that many owners are not aware is a danger…chewing gum! Some brands of chewing gum, especially sugar free varieties, contain a substance called xylitol which can be very poisonous to dogs, even in small quantities. Xylitol can cause extremely low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia), seizures, […]

Does your pet have high blood pressure?

The signs are hard to spot and it is often under diagnosed, but high blood pressure can have serious consequences for your pets. That’s why we are offering half price  screening checks during May and June. If your pet ticks any of the boxes below, they could benefit from having a screening test: Seniors Heart […]

Our first ever newsletter is here!

We have been super busy here at Molecare looking after all the poorly pets that have been coming in to see us. We’ve also been working on a brand new newsletter, so that we can keep our customers up-to-date with all that goes on at Molecare, aswell as current veterinary issues, special offers, common diseases/conditions, […]