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August Bank Holiday Opening Hours

Bank Holiday Opening Hours: Saturday 26th August: 8.30 – 13.00 Monday 27th August: Closed. Monday 28th August: Closed. Tuesday 29th August: 8.00 – 19.00 For more information on the Out Of Hours service, please see our Emergency care page. Have lovely Bank Holiday weekend Molecare Pet Vets Team

Winter Dangers

Here is our helpful guide and how to protect your pet from winter dangers. Road salt When spread to prevent icy roads, salt can cause irritation, pain and burns on your pet’s feet. Take care when walking your dog after salt has been spread; try to stick to grassy areas off the roads and pavements […]

Fireworks and pets

Every pet owner hates it… Fireworks night. Or rather, firework month, or maybe even season! There are a number of ways to try to reduce your pet’s stress; some need to be put in place before the stressful event and others are to be done during the stressful event. Whilst it may seem harder than […]

Autumn Dangers

It’s that time of year again where the nights are drawing in, your driveway is full of fallen leaves and everything is available in pumpkin spice flavour. As we welcome the new season, it’s also worth remembering that there are some autumn dangers to keep an eye out for. While some may be common, others […]

Splenic tumours in dogs

Splenic tumours are very common in dogs, especially as they grow older. In dogs, the spleen plays a role in the immune system, aiding the body fight off infection and produce certain types of white blood cells. It also stores, produces new red blood cells and removes old, worn out blood cells. What is a […]

Cruciate Surgery- Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy (TPLO)

Did you know that cruciate disease is the most common orthopaedic condition of dogs. In the majority of cases surgery is required, due to the complexity of the surgery referral to an orthopaedic veterinary surgeon is necessary. Luckily we work with South West Surgical Referrals – a mobile referral surgery service were able to come […]

Pancreatitis in dogs: causes, symptoms and treatment

Pancreatitis in dogs is an inflammatory condition that is becoming more common. There is no age, sex, or breed that this condition affects. What is Pancreatitis? In simple terms, Pancreatitis means inflammation of the Pancreas. The Pancreas is an abdominal organ that works in close association with our gastrointestinal tract. When mammals eat food, the […]

Dangers for Dogs in Summer

With the change in season comes lots of adventures for all, but it’s important to recognise the potential dangers for dogs in summer. Heat Stroke The warmer weather can pose many dangers for dogs in summer. Dogs can get heat stroke when exercising in hot weather or if left in hot cars. Dogs are more […]

Travelling with your Pet

Our veterinary team have written a new factsheet to highlight the disease risks and considerations when taking your pet abroad. The new factsheet also includes the latest information on pet travel into Europe post-Brexit. To read our factsheet, please click the link here: Travelling with you Pet abroad.

Has your Rabbit been vaccinated recently?

It is important to vaccinate your rabbit against Myxomatosis and Rabbit (Viral) Haemorrhagic Disease. Many rabbits remain unvaccinated and therefore vulnerable to disease that can not only cause great suffering but can also be fatal. Both ‘Myxy’ and RHD are viral diseases found throughout the UK. Sadly all rabbits, both wild and tame, are at […]

***Coronavirus Update – 25th September 2020***

In a rapidly changing world the Molecare Team continue to adapt to safeguard the health of our staff and our clients whilst still providing the best service we can. Please follow our guide to the socially distanced vet visit as outlined below. Consultations with a vet or nurse: We continue to operate socially distanced consultations […]